The prosecutor told the Court that on the 3rd of January, around 1530hrs, the victim, who is the house help of the complainant, was sent to give money to an acquaintance near Akim Oda Morning Star.

defilement-posterThe prosecutor said the victim on her way back boarded a taxi driven by the accused, Isaac Darko, a taxi driver based at Akim Swedru.

The prosecutor said the accused to attract the attention of the victim, convinced her to stay in the vehicle for the rest of the day as he conveyed people around the town and finally sent her into his room where he kept her for five days and had sex with her.

On 8th January, at about 0100hrs, the accused person took the victim to Akim Awisa lorry station and asked her to go home.

The complainant on seeing the girl took her to the police station where upon interrogation, she mentioned the name of the accused as the one who took her to his room, camped and defiled her.

She was then issued with a medical form for examination which confirmed that she had been defiled.
The accused was arrested and he admitted the crime.

After some investigation, he was arraigned before the Akim Swedru Circuit Court.



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