Pedestrians and motorists plying the newly-commissioned Mallam-Tetteh Quarshie dual carriage three-lane highway in the Greater Accra Region have chastised the Mills administration and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over what they consider “needless credit-taking” the party is seeking to gain from the commissioning of the project.

According to various categories of road users who spoke to Today, they could not fathom why the NDC would post President Mills’ posters on walls and surfaces along the highway, and hang their party’s flags on street lights on same.

Angry passengers, on a commercial bus on which our reporter took a ride along the road, discussed at length why the NDC would put up posters of President Mills and NDC paraphernalia on the road when the Mills administration has not undertaken any “useful project” the next national administration would continue.

“What has he [President Mills] done apart from only gaining feigned glory from what President Kufuor and the NPP did….,” quipped an angry passenger glaring at a fellow passenger eager to defend the NDC.

“…He [President Mills] has only succeeded in paying huge [amount of] money meant for development to one NDC financier, and he expects us to jubilate over that?” retorted another passenger.

Supporters of the ruling NDC hoisted the party’s flags on the N1 Highway as a sign to welcome President Mills when he toured the road to officially commission it on February 15, 2012.

Also present at the commissioning were other dignitaries, including former President J. A. Kufuor; the US Ambassador to Ghana, Donald Teitelbaum, and; the mayor of Accra, Alfred Oko Vanderpuije.

The N1, named George Walker Bush Highway after former US President George Bush Junior, was built at an estimated cost of $3.2 million drawn from the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA,) set up by the Government of the United States of America for the specific purpose of helping countries that pursue good governance with democratic principles.

The amount is part of a total of $7 million the MCA granted the Republic of Ghana for poverty reduction projects and infrastructure development in different parts of the country.

Prior to the commissioning, media reports quoted Ghana Association of the Physically-Disabled sources as threatening to go to court to obtain an injunction to stop the commissioning, which officially opened the highway up to traffic, because the road is not disabled-friendly.

Listening around while strolling along the highway, this reporter overheard a hawker at Abeka-Lapaz telling his fellow hawker to desist from voting for the NDC for a second term, since, according to her, “President Mills has no living legacy… Ghanaians could point to nothing [after he has been in charge] for three years.”

The driver of a Medina-bound bus, who could not help but join a conversation on the said topic in his vehicle, queried why President Mills would advise Ghanaians not to do politics with the building of the highway, but rather celebrate it as a property for Ghana when right in front of him were his (NDC) party people wearing party T-shirts and attire and hoisting party flags.

During his speech to commission the highway, President Mills said among other things” “…This is not President Mills’ road or President Kufuor’s road, it is a project for Ghana…”

A worried driver also seized the opportunity offered by the presence of our reporter to wonder whether the Mills administration expects them to reduce lorry fares when after raising the price of super petrol by 15% (GH¢1.00) he has reduced it by just 20% of the increment (20p.)

“Speaking to the passengers beside him, the driver said: “Listen ooh! Master, he has reduced petrol by just ¢2,000.00 [GH¢ 0.20] and yet he expects us to reduce the lorry fare… He thinks we can be fooled again, eh?”

“…we had appointed ourselves to change [national administrations] government only after they have had eight years, but now those of us at the station have already made up our minds to vote out this administration and its Woyome appointees,” the driver affirmed.


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