Although the specific user interface implemented by the manufacturers of various equipment due to equipment varies, but for the first time to connect the two devices, some of the basic steps are the same. The user should be kept in a safe environment to match.

Charge the device
If the device is a new Bluetooth device, ensure that before making connections or open charge. Bluetooth headset must be charged before use.

Device is turned on
Turn on the power in need of paired devices. For some devices, such as Bluetooth wireless headsets, the device is turned on at the same time to start the pairing process.

Open the Bluetooth function
You receive the device, the Bluetooth functionality of the device may have been open, it may not yet opened. For most computers, the user needs from the Control Panel or System Preferences to open the Bluetooth radio.
Set the device to be visible
As a safety measure, some devices can be Bluetooth-enabled is set to off, hidden or visible.

When trying to connect the device, the user equipment should be set to be visible, so as to found each other. After the device pairing is completed, if you worry about equipment, other equipment will be found that the device can be set to hide.
The two devices set to the connection mode
The two devices are fully charged, turn on the device and turn on the Bluetooth function, each device needs to initialize the communication session. Typically, the connection between the two devices, a device as a “host”, while another device as a “visitor”. The host device is a user interface device, the majority of connection settings from. A device is the host of another device, can be used as the visitors of the other devices. For example, the cell phone paired with the headset when the phone is the host. However, the paired mobile phone and laptop computer, laptop computer is the host.

Enter the password
Devices with each other to find each other, the user will be asked to enter a password in one or two devices. In some cases, such as connecting a wireless headset, the password is fixed password specified by the manufacturer for headset. At this point, the user needs to enter this password specified in the host device. Users can find this password in the user manual. In other cases, the user can enter his / her own password. In these cases, the user will enter a password each time the two devices. Eight alphanumeric character passwords is strongly recommended that users set for a pairing process. After entering the password, the device will authenticate each other and complete confidence-building connections.
Remove or disconnect the connection with the trust of equipment
When the user should delete or disconnect and trust the connection of the equipment? If one of your Bluetooth device is lost or stolen, you should cancel the matching set of all devices previously paired with the device.
How to cancel a pairing, or delete a trusted device? Phone or computer devices, the user should enter the connection settings of the device, and then locate the trusted device list. The user then can choose to add a new device or remove the trust device. Highlighted the need to remove the device, then press the Delete button. Only one button or switch of the keyboard or mouse device as the user interface, so each can only be connected to a device. To delete the trust device, simply connect the mouse or keyboard to the new equipment.
Described above is a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and infrared wireless keyboard, and now the latest technology 2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse
What is 2.4G, it is actually a wireless transmission technology, 2.4G is to represent a data transfer rate, 2.4G wireless keyboard and mouse on the market now is a USB receiver, mini, and generally plugged into the computer , can be used directly.
Now many manufacturers of wireless keyboard and mouse will always be unstable performance, this occurs mainly manufacturers in order to save cost, use cheaper chips.

1, the charge: any brand of Bluetooth devices to charge the maximum time periods are three hours. Usually see the lights change color or turn off on the keyboard loses power. Charge to the product for a long time, causing serious injury.
2, if a long time without a wireless keyboard, preferably a month or so to charge the device. Prevent its built-in battery can not recharge into dormancy

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