Pollster Ben Ephson has indicated that the recent stance of support for the candidature of President Mahama as Flagbearer of the NDC for the 2016 elections by the Greater Accra Chairman of the NDC, Ade Coker, is a selfish move to allow him to hang on to his position in the party.

Ade Coker recently came under a lot of criticism from within his party for calling for the affirmation of President Mahama as an unopposed candidate of the NDC for the 2016 elections.


Speaking in an interview, Ben Ephson indicated that the fear of losing his position is what is pushing Ade Coker to align himself to the President using this strategy.

He further stated that this move is similar to what Sir John, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey and F.F Anto of the NPP are also pulling.

According to Mr.Ephson, these men are ?selfish? individuals who are only looking at their personal interest. He indicated that they want to use their various candidates to hold on to their positions in their parties and called on delegates to vote against them when the time comes.

?I think that there is one thing common between Ade Coker of NDC, and Sir John of NPP, F.F. Anto of NPP and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey. All these four persons are in danger of losing their positions in the coming elections; so they are just jumping the gun and tying their political fortunes to the presidential candidates.

That for your own political inward looking attitude, you will just say something which will throw the main concentration of your party overboard. Ade Coker by now if I were a delegate I will campaign that he will loses, so that next time if he has any position he will take an overview of the party?s interest than his own parochial interest,? he said.


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