The carryon luggage or the checked-in luggage allowed in different airlines is called the baggage allowance. It varies in different airlines with respect to the carrier or class of air ticket. Baggage allowance on international/ national airlines varies on various factors like the sector or destination and membership of the passenger. In certain cases carryon luggage is measured in dimensions so that a passenger can skip the weight restrictions on the particular item. Moreover, there are restrictions on the various types of objects which can be carried on the plane as well. If the baggage is misrouted, proper steps are taken by airlines to route back it to the passengers.

The Indira Gandhi International (Delhi) airport is the aviation hub of Asia and largest airport of South Asia. As per the rules and regulations of government of the India a single handbag per passenger is allowed.

The dimensions of the handbag are below (Length, Breath, height) – 55, 35, 25 i.e. 115 cms for airbus flights and (Length, Breath, Height) – 50, 45, 20 i.e. 115 cms for airbus aircrafts. The restriction on the weight of hand baggage is 7 kgs, the amount of checked in luggage can be added with the additional fee during the time of booking. Variations in the baggage allowance amount can be found in different flights. Counters of the relevant airlines on airports help passengers to check the dimensions of the baggage and then provide boarding pass to them.

Baggage allowances of few of the cheap flights to and from Delhi are listed below:

Airlines   Business Economy

Kingfisher 30 kgs   20 kgs

Kingfisher Red N/A 20 kgs

Indigo Airlines N/A 20 kgs

Indian Airlines 35 kg 25 kgs

Spice jet N/A 20 kgs

Jet lite   N/A 20 kgs

Jet Airways 30 kgs   20 kgs

Air India 35 kgs   25 kgs

Paramount 40 kgs 30 kgs

Go Air   N/A 20 kgs

MDLR   25 kgs   20 kgs

Before booking Delhi cheap flights tickets, the information of baggage allowance in that flight is must. As per general Civil Aviation Policy, for an economy class passenger 25 kgs of luggage is allowed whereas for an Executive Class Passenger 35 kgs are allowed and for First Class Passengers the restriction luggage is of 40 Kgs. Few exceptions are limited to cosmetics, medical equipment, religious things, human remains etc for the hand baggage. The passengers arriving at Delhi airport through international airlines and in transit to other, national/international flights are not permitted to carry liquids exceeding 100ml in cabin baggage while passing through the security at the airports. There is a release in the restrictions on baby foods and medicines but under authentication after which above 100ml of the quantity will also be permitted. 

The luggage also includes restrictions for lighters, scissors, firearms, explosive materials and all kinds of flammable items. Few other items like computers, money, valuable documents, ornaments, precious metals, business documents are restricted in the checked baggage to avoid any kind of damage. Though the airlines have a very sound system for managing the luggage of passengers and deliver the same to them after their journey completes, the cases of lost luggage are very often. In that case, a claim of compensation can also be filed against the respective airlines if a baggage is lost or misplaced

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