Bukom Banku and Ayitey Powers
Bukom Banku and Ayitey Powers
Bukom Banku and Ayitey Powers
Bukom Banku and Ayitey Powers

The Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) has threatened to ban Ayittey Powers if he fails to turn up for the much anticipated April 18 bout with his arch rival, Brima Kamoko also known as Bukom Banku.

President of the Boxing Association, Peter Zwennes who disclosed this to Adom News said Powers’ decision will have serious effect on the boxing authority and on the boxer himself.

He described Ayittey Powers? decision as ?flimsy? because the boxer and his promoters are well aware of the principles based on which he [Powers] signed the contract and ?spiritual reason are definitely not amongst them?.

Peter Zwennes maintained that since the association has not been formally informed, they will treat the announcement with the contempt it deserves.

The GBA president was sad about the turn of events in this latest fight; explaining that for many years, the boxing industry has been suffering from sponsorship drought and for this attitude to be displayed in a fight which has attracted huge sponsorship from companies including Super sports and huge TV stations, any pull out will have far reaching consequences for the industry as well as future prospects.

?As for us at the Boxing Authority, we will wait for an official notification and we will see what will happen? he warned.

Ayittey Powers?s this morning announced his decision to withdraw from the April 18 bout with the reasons given as spiritual.

He claims this decision is based on?a revelation?from his spiritual god father, TB Joshua. Boxing fans in James Town, Chorkor and Bukom who spoke to Adom News reporter Kofi Assan, hooted at the boxer, describing him as a loser.

One of them threatened to collect his money from the boxer whilst others even warned that, ?If Ayittey steps here in Bukom we shall deal with him?

?Ahhhh! Does he want us to eat the ticket? he is not serious? they exclaimed.

Source Adom News


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