unnamed (3)Chief Arthur Eze, the flamboyant money bag from Anambra State, who is known for throwing money recklessly without any valuable investment like the likes of Dangote and Innoson is at it again.
Arthur Eze recently took Chief Jerry Ugokwe to President Goodluck Jonathan and knelt down before him and uttered the following words: “Sir, God has been so kind to me. I am not here to demand for contract or oil well,Please?the only thing you can do for me is to make Jerry Ugokwe a Minister.”
If you observe, Jerry Ugokwe has been following him all over the place like a tse tse fly on excreta. Today the president visited the South-East, Jerry was seen carrying Arthur’s brief case not as a former Ambassador but as an apprentice servant.
After the visit to Mr. President, Arthur himself told his friends about the visit and boosted that he had finally stopped Peter Obi from becoming a Minister.
We understand that the defeat of his minion, Tony Nwoye by political forces led by Obi badly affected his psyche.


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