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Embattled governor of Nasarawa State, Tanko Al-Makura has declared that in spite of the allegations against him by members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) dominated House of Assembly, he cannot be classified as a corrupt leader.?Al-Makura pointed said he is not a corrupt governor as insinuated by the House of Assembly in their quest?to remove him from office.

?e24512631df602ac0b31ecf345e0d5e9_MThis was just as he said that he was yet to be served the notice of impeachment as?Stipulated by Section 188 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of?Nigeria as amended. ? He said the provisions of the Constitution is clear on the right process required for such a purpose.

The governor said ?it is not proper to assume or lay claim that he was served?notice of impeachment by the House of Assembly, or through substituted service.?Al-Makura further said: “As I speak to you, it is not true at all to assume or claim that I have received the impeachment notice from the House of Assembly.

“There is no record anywhere in the State House of Assembly to show that it secured an order from a court of competent jurisdiction to serve
notice of impeachment on me.”

Speaking through his Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs (SSA), Abdulhameed Kwarra, in a telephone chat, Al-Makura said that in as much he would not like to join issues with the House of Assembly on pages of newspapers, he would?comply with the provions of section 188 of the Constitution
While responding to a question on whether he will put forward a defense, the governor said he is not under any obligation to respond to some mere
allegation published on pages of newspapers, stressing that he is?An upright leader.

Effort to speak with House committee chairman on Information and Security, Mohammed Baba Ibaku,(PDP) did not yield the desired results as several
calls put across to his mobile phone did not go through.

Similarly, the Clerk of the Assembly refused to comment on the issue of service of the impeachment notice on Governor Al-Makura, saying he can only talk on official matters on working days and not at weekends.

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