Akosua agyapong

Akosua Adjepong


Evergreen highlife musician cum dancer, Akosua Adjepong, whose stagecraft has attracted a lot of music lovers across the country, has announced the release of her much-awaited musical albums titled ?Timeless? and a compilation of her old songs, also titled the ?Frema Reloaded? on the music market.

Akosua is one of the few female musicians who has survived in the male- dominated highlife domain and has left an indelible imprint on the music scene.

Her name became a household word in the mid1990s and she is well remembered for her dancing prowess more than her singing.

Music fans who have seen her performed live or watched her on television would attest to the fact that Akosua is a talented musician.

?Timeless? and ?Frema Reloaded? contain good danceable songs which are currently being sold on the music market.

All the songs on the ?Timeless? and ?Frema Reloaded? albums have good drum beats running through programming and instrumentation, and backing vocals are equally superb.

Akosua Adjepong?s maiden album titled ?Frema? released in 1990s blew the Ghanaian music industry like storm with great hits back to back, as in ?Me ye Obaa?, ?Born Again? ?Anan Tuo? ?San be Hwewonba? and many more.

Determined, Akosua Adjepong in no time came out with another bomb, thus, her second album called ?Asiwa? with hits like ?Kokooko? and the like. She undoubtedly became the number one highlife artiste in Ghana.

In spite of her well-known singing ability, she is also

very good on stage with crowd shaking craft and captivating dances which sweep many off their feet anytime she performs on stage.

She is currently the Vice President of Ghana Music Council (GMC) and a member of the Musician Union Of Ghana (MUSIGA).

By George Clifford Owusu ([email protected])


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