NPP equally belongs to us the NORTHERNERS, GAS, EWES as the AKANS or even more than the AKANS if we should go by history.


Its rather the AKANS who are IMMIGRANTS or REFUGEES of NPP and not we, the NORTHERNERS, GAS and EWES as the NDC has over the years been saying around and thus has gotten most of us to believe it.
The NDC did this because they needed something(the tribalism divide and rule political strategy) to ride on and hide their incompetence to win elections in Ghana.
I must say the NDC has been very smart with it though because they have been able to use it to their advantage very well.

-Reasons why NPP belongs more to us the NORTHERNERS, GAS and EWES

The mother of all parties in Ghana is UGCC but the actual mother of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) is the United Party(UP)
The UP came into existence because after the abolishment of all parties which were formed on tribal, religious and etc basis, there was the need for all such parties to come together to form a common party, so after the union of all such parties, they named it United Party(UP).
The parties which came together to form UP were as follows;

1. Northern Peoples Party(NPP)
The party was founded by Simon Dombo. It was the largest party during the formation of UP.
It comprised mainly of all the people of the northern regional tribes such as dagarti, dagombo, nanomba, mamprusi, walaa, kusasi,gonja etc

2. National Liberation Movement(NLM)
This party was formed by Okyeame Baffour Akoto but was later headed by JB Danquah, NLM later absorbed GCP with its leader Kofi Busia prior to the union with the other parties to form UP.
The party comprised of mainly AKANS notably bonos, ahafos, ashantis, fantis, akyems, sefwis, akuapims, kwahus etc..

3. Anlo Youth Organisation(AYO)
It was formed to campaign for the Ewe people under British rule to stay within Ghana after independence. It comprised mainly of all EWES and VOLTARIANS

4. Muslim Association Party(MAP)
Its was formed by the Muslims in Ghana to fight for their rights. It comprised mainly of all Muslims in Ghana of which we all know that, the majority of Muslims in Ghana are found in the 3 northern regions and some parts of central region

5.Togoland Congress Party(TCP)
It was formed to campaign for the unification of the Ewe people in British Togoland and French Togoland as a separate Ewe state. It stopped its agenda after British Togoland joined Ghana.
It comprised mainly of all EWES and VOLTARIANS.

6. Ga Shifimokpee
It was a party which comprised mainly of the GAS and its brother tribes such as ADANGBE, LARTEH, KROBO, ADA etc

By analysis from the parties which came together to form the UP which is now NPP you can see that; Firstly, there were two big parties namely NPP and MAP which comprised of only northerners which helped in the formation of UP.
Secondly, there were also two big parties namely TCP and AYO from the Volta region which comprised of only EWES and VOLTARIANS which also helped in the UP’s formation.
Thirdly, there was only a party namely NLM which comprised of AKANS which also helped in UP’s formation.
Lastly a party namely Ga shifimopkee which comprised of GAS and its brother tribes such as LARTEH, ADA, KROBO, ADANGBE etc also helped in the formation of UP..

Meaning during the formation of UP now NPP, more parties which were of NORTHERN, VOLTARIAN/EWE and GA decent were more in its formation than the parties which were of AKAN decent.
As a result, I can confidently say that NPP equally belongs to us the NORTHERNERS, EWES and GAS as the AKANS or even more than the AKANS especially considering the UP’s composition during its formation.

We should therefore work hard and fight for our full role, place and position in the party NPP and it’s development as we have done with afoko, OKudjeto, Oquaye etc and still having a higher chance to do/go higher with it with Bawumia and others in future.

We owe our responsibility to the growth, well being of NPP and to our forefathers like obstsebi lamptey, dombo, bawumia, kotoka etc who worked hard, fought hard with their fearlessness, sweat, blood for UP now NPP to be formed so that we could also help it grow higher and bigger during our time for our children and grandchildren to continue with it and through that help Ghana to develop well to where it should rightly be as we did with it through aliu mahama, kuffour etc.

We owe our children and forefathers this big responsibility..
Note: we can’t meet our forefathers who started this struggle in the land of the dead and tell them shamefully that we failed them, couldn’t do what they tasked us, couldn’t look over what they handed over to us because we chose to listen to and lie on the propaganda of the NDC rather than their struggles through their sweat and blood.
It will be a shame, very shameful.
Lets Take Back Our Rightful Positions In The Party NPP.

may God be praised always

nana kwadwo akwaa
Critical thinkers


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