image001 (3)Advanfort has managed to free the detainees who were arrested in the Indian Ocean while working on the company’s vessel, the Seaman Guard Ohio. This comes after the company spent months negotiating with Indian officials.

The bail order exclude the vessel?s captain and the TDO. The release comes with conditions. More details will be available as soon as the bail order is received.


They were arrested for entering Indian territorial waters, although the vessel Master maintains that they were in international waters. Marine experts argue that a vessel might have drifted due to winds factor, as there was a cyclone storm at the time, but this should have been treated as force majuer.

AdvanFort was founded in 2009, and is?based in Washington, D.C. we deliver a full-range of security and government relations solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

We strive to be the global leader and preferred partner in helping our clients develop, maintain, and protect their human and capital interests by providing cost-effective, high quality security and government relations solutions. AdvanFort maintain a fleet of long endurance speed boats and ships.


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