police Tata vehicle
police Tata vehicle

By Samuel Ansah Boateng

Documents intercepted by your authoritative New Crusading GUIDE, at the Ghana Police Headquarters and the Ghana Revenue Authority in Accra, have clearly vindicated the 2nd in Command of the Eastern Regional Police Unit, ACP Abass Abaah, over claims that he had personally auctioned a police Tata vehicle at a cost of GH600 to himself.

police Tata vehicle
police Tata vehicle

The ?Media Advocate?, an online media, three months ago, among others reported that a particular ?blue and white Tata Bus after the auction was registered in the name of one Bernard Bawumia, the son of ACP Abass, and withnew registration number ER 1782-14.?

The publication also sought to describe the Eastern Regional Deputy Police Commander as corrupt and a beneficiary of a particular ?create, loot and share? cartel in government; whose sole interest was to milk the country for their selfish gains.
But yours truly, the New Crusading GUIDE can report without bias that the said publication was false and malicious.

Investigations conducted by this reporter at Shelter Mart (a private company based in Adenta, Accra), auctioneers of the said vehicle, ?the unserviceable Tata 909 mini Bus no. GP 966, was auctioned at a price of five thousand two hundred Ghana Cedis (GH5, 200)? and not GH 600 as was indicated in the publication.

According to a letter we intercepted at the Ghana Police Headquarters, dated 20th January, 2014 , and addressed to the Commissioner of CEPS, captioned AUTHORISATION OF TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP, ?this auction was conducted at the Regional Headquarters, Koforidua on 11/09/2013 in line with the procurement Act Section 83 and 84, and in accordance with Financial Administration Regulation ?kindly authorize the regularization of change of ownership and re-registration.?

Another document from the Ghana Revenue Authority, signed by one Hayford Acheampong , a senior Technical Engineer (DVLA) on 5th May 2014, further exonerated the auction process when it said it carefully studied documents presented for re-examination of the said Tata vehicle and however requested that a penalty be paid prior to the change of ownership.

Moreover, documents being official receipts from Johnson Coffie Mottors Limited, dealers in vehicle spare parts, in koforidua, indicated that the half rotten Tata vehicle further underwent some changes at a cost of GH501.00.
The amount was footed on fixing the vehicle with tow fuel filter elements, one oil filter elements, Engine oil, and a Drain Valve cork.

The rest also covered General greasing, Radiator browing, Diesel tank browing, one set of gear oil, one set of real axle oil, one gallon of anti water treatment, and labour cost.


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