When the company offered a week’s holiday trip for me I did not have to think about the destination. I decided to spend it in Venice. I had visited the city two times earlier and it has really fascinated me with its beautiful settings, architecture and the canals that provide inland water transport within the city. Italy’s one of the most famous cities is partially underwater with many canals going all sides in the city. In my previous visits I enjoyed travelling through these canals many times and it is really a thrilling experience. As the budget allotted for me is limited, I tried a lot to get low fares. I approached almost all airlines in our city that are popular for issuing flight tickets for cheap price.

At last I reached the city in one of the cheap flights to Venice. As it was late evening I spent the rest of the day within my hotel room watching television.

The next day I started my city tour. The first day I visited Piazza San Marco and St. Mark’s Campanile and Basilica. Both the structures are famous for their architecture and lot of visitors are visiting these places every day. I captured some beautiful pictures of San Giorgio Maggiore Island from the top of the Campanile. The piece of land looks like a gem in the blue background of the ocean.

Venice has become a busy business center too and many people are visiting the city for business purposes. This made all major airlines to introduce more flights to Venice.

After visiting some other places, I decided to go for a trip through the Grand Canal. The small boat which carried me went slowly through the canal. There are many skyscrapers and huge modern buildings on both sides of the canal.

The most surprising thing is that you can see several buildings of ancient type also in between. Most of the tourists visiting this city never skip a chance for a boating through Grand Canal. It is quite a mind blogging experience to see the city life from the water. The chances of tourism have really worked in the economy of the city. Many foreigners are investing on lands here and thus the real estate sector got a boom in the recent years.

By evening I reached back at the place where I boarded the boat. The setting sun was reflecting on the tiny tides of the canal and the buildings on both sides of the canal started switching on the lights. As my hotel was very near to that place, I decided to go by walk. On the way I could see many foreigners walking over the streets. According to an unofficial account almost 50 thousand tourists are visiting this city everywhere. After the introduction of cheap tickets to Venice, the number has been increasing day by day. After a week I returned from Venice only to visit the city soon. I cannot help going there as I have fallen in love with the beautiful city I have ever seen.

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