The NDC hoodlums weilding offensive weapons

Deputy Propaganda, oops! Information Minister James Agyenim Boateng yesterday fell flat on his face. He failed woefully to discredit the picture of offensive weapon-wielding NDC thugs in Odododiodoo in one of the issues of the DAILY GUIDE last week.

His assignment, the outcome of a formal meeting of party gurus to discredit the picture, was as smelly as the action of the hoodlums who looted the implements from traders at the Kantamanto Market in the Odododiodoo constituency.

He fumbled with the attempt the way liars do when they are cornered, leaving all who managed to listen to him in no doubt about the mendacity he wanted to spin.  

Top party personalities, in a bid to douse the embarrassment from the gory picture, found it relieving to pretend that the images were Rwandan and not Ghanaian.

Some have found it more convenient to foolishly think that the persons in the picture are NPP boys and this sounds imbecile for which we have no regrets in condemning as foolish and unworthy of considering but for the records.

With reports from hardware traders in the Kantamanto Market area complaining about how their wares were looted by the assigns of Nii Lante Vanderpuye for the gory cutlass brandishing display, as witnessed last week, the lies of James Agyenim Boateng can best be ignored.

It beats our imagination that in spite of verifiable landmarks in the pictures against the Accra skyline, the NDC personalities could still lie the way they did, a denial or delusion of sorts.

For their information, we cherish our reputation and would guard it fiercely, regardless of the consequences.

We have observed for as long as the Information Ministry was reduced to its unenviable status today, when everything coming out of the state department is ingested with a pinch of salt. In spite of the shameful repercussions of the diabolic actions of the Information Ministry-turned Propaganda Department of government, since the Mills administration took the baton of office, appointees at the helm of the place have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing.

They continue to relish their smelly pastimes, foolishly believing in their lies. We have built a reputation for ourselves in the DAILY GUIDE and would not allow such persons for who virtues are nothing to let us lose focus.

Our niche readership, the Ghanaian populace, has confidence in us and we would be the last persons to throw dust into their eyes the way the Information Ministry does on the political course.

With such a denial on the part of those who are supposed to safeguard the interests of Ghanaians, need we state that the country is at a crossroads?

For the information of the deputy minister, the pictures were taken on 12th April 2012 at about 4pm with a BlackBerry phone.

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