The Alex Otti door-to-door campaign initiative has sent out an eviction notice of some sort to the Abia State Governor, Theodore Ahamefule Orji and his ?handpicked? Governorship candidate for the general elections next month, Okezie Ikpeazu.
A former Managing Director of Diamond Bank, Otti has endeared himself to the young and old in Abia State by running a decent and issues-based campaign in the build up to the polls.

In a terse statement made available from Umuahia, the Abia State capital on Wednesday by the coordinator of the Alex Otti door-to-door initiative, the organization stated that the days of vote stealing in Abia State are long gone and advised the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the race and the incumbent Governor to decipher the signs of the times and give up on whatever subterranean moves they may have been hatching ahead of the polls.

?It is evident that Governor Theodore Orji (who goes by the ?Ochendo? moniker ) and his gang are still banking on the well-worn tactics deployed during past elections to see them through this time as well, but they are in for a shocker?, a senior officer in the campaign organization said. The senior officer also added that ?We advise Ochendo and the stooge he handpicked to run the State when his bumbling tenure happily comes to an end, to decipher the signs, read the writing on the wall and give up on whatever subterranean moves they have been hatching ahead of the polls because this is the year when voters will have a say in who governs them?.

?We cannot, for the life of us, understand why Governor Orji and his coterie of friends would think that it is their right and theirs alone to determine who superintends over the affairs of Abia State. For eight years, this group of persons ran our institutions aground, pulverized the civil service and left our infrastructure to rot. We recall that Orji had infamously stated that he did nothing during his first term as Governor because he was fighting his predecessor, Uzor Kalu. Imagine a Governor who admitted to spending four years neck deep in a war of attrition with his predecessor who had handpicked him, now hell bent on handpicking someone else who will most likely spend another four years engaging the former in a battle of supremacy and wits while Abia State continues to rot. We cannot entrust our State in the hands of wrestlers and this position resonates on the streets of our beloved State at the moment?, the senior officer said.

The officer also said the most responsible thing for Theodore Orji and the PDP to do will be to pack up shop and exit the stage while they can. ?They are quite aware that a trouncing at the ballot awaits them next month. The electorate and eligible voters boo and hurl objects at them wherever they show up. In contrast, our door-to-door volunteers are accorded a warm reception in every street corner in Abia. These days, knowing how much the street detests them, Ochendo and his gang hold surreptitious and clandestine meetings where the sole agenda on the table is to rig the votes on February 28 and churn out campaigns of calumny. In their disgusting chutzpah, they never see beyond their noses to realize that the people have perfected plans of their own to contain their evil machinations before and during the polls?.

?Ochendo and his gang have two choices before them at the moment?, the officer said. ?They can wallow in their evil plans which will never see the light of day or contend with being disgraced at the polls next month because Ndi Abia will be handing the reins of the State in the next four years to a more competent and visionary person in Alex Otti?, the senior officer in the campaign added.


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