After a long lull occasioned by many Ghanaians focusing their attentions on the worst scandal to hit the political establishment of the country, we are back to the basics. Although Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s GHc51 million dole-out remains un-retrieved, The Chronicle feels it a duty to re-visit another scandal of major proportions that had officials of the National Democratic Congress and the government the party is propping up,  wobbling badly on the very foundation.
Yesterday, The Chronicle visited the site of the estimated $20 million office complex of the party in power and was impressed with what we saw.  The building, in all its opulence, is far advanced in construction. It is clear that it could make the June deadline for commissioning.  Sooner or later, the party would bid farewell to the Kokomlemle office building.
Progress is what makes any venture worth its while. Under normal circumstances, a political party building a new office complex should raise no eyebrows. But this is a different kettle of fish. Barely four years ago, the party had serious financial challenges. It could not even afford to pay electricity bills and party activities were left in the dark on a number of occasions.
Going into the property market barely two years after winning power and with most Ghanaians unable to afford the basic necessities of life,  is what has made many officials of the party run for cover anytime the Adabraka complex building,  is mentioned.
Sooner or later, something would have to give. The party would have to muster courage and own up. General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the man they call General Mosquito for his ability to bite into opponents, gave the game away at Sunyani,  during the FONKAR GAME.
The party scribe specifically mentioned the Adabraka office complex and promised that it would  be ready by June this year. For most Ghanaians on the scrap heap of unemployment, the Adabraka office tells everything about why the party would do anything to remain in office.
In the near future the NDC intends to hand over the $20 million dollar project to its Greater Accra branch. By then, a real complex befitting a modern party in Government would have been constructed.
Forget about the party’s so-called social democracy credentials. The NDC intends its officers to live and work in style, with the ordinary voter  suffering under the government’s economic mismanagement. Already, signs of opulence have started emerging within the party’s ranks with the General Secretary himself very busy in the property market.
Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Works and Housing,  Hannah Bissiw epitomizes the graft in an administration supposed to be interested in the welfare of the people.  Apart from grabbing mansions herself, the Deputy Minister, not known to have held any key positions in any serious establishment before being named deputy minister, has built an office complex for the Tano South Constituency party.She is hoping to ride on this kind of graft to enter into Parliament House in January 2013.
The Chronicle is closing in on many such properties belonging to men and women who have become property owners and the rich of society by merely joining the administration of John Evan s Atta Mills. By their deeds, they would be known!

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