1 800 Numbers Make It Easy for Your Customers to Call

Businesses want to make it as easy as possible for customers to inquire about services or place orders.  When businesses have 1 800 numbers, the ease of doing the above makes customers spread positive messages or come back for more services.

Gives a Presence

Technology is a wonderful asset to our world. With email, instant messaging to virtually everywhere, and lightning fast information at the fingertips of anyone, there are some businesses that may not have a need for 1 800 numbers. There are those times, however, when technology may not be available. 1 800 numbers give your business a presence no matter what. With a simple dial of a phone number, your business will be able to be reached when online capabilities are not available or do not want to be used.

Ease of Use

The 1 800 numbers provide convenience to customers at any time of the day.

The fact that the only thing the potential buyers have to do is pick up a phone and dial a number makes it easy. Some buyers hesitate to order online, especially if they haven’t visited the website. Speaking to a real person can give potential buyers peace of mind, particularly if they have questions about the products. In addition, clients like the ease of use of being guided through the purchasing process via talking to a real person. 

Easy to Remember

Having 1 800 numbers that are easy to remember make it effortless for customers to reach businesses.

These can be adopted for the companies that are easy to remember by all.  Vanity numbers, as these are called, put a catchy phrase or word into the phone numbers. People that want to do business with companies tend to have the phone numbers memorized, especially the ones that are punchy and fun, and those are usually the first numbers customers will dial. It is much easier to have a number come to mind than scrambling to look it up!

After Hours Availability

There are times when potential clients want to place a phone call after hours and listen to the options they have before they place an order. With 1 800 numbers this is easily accomplished.  The customer can call and leave a voice message for the department or person in charge of what they need. There are many people who would rather call and leave a voicemail rather than send an email. Many times email messages get lost in the inbox and it takes longer for the client to receive a response.

Peace of Mind

Clients want good service and great products. Feeling relief and satisfaction after placing an order is essential for customers. These are advantageous because when buyers actually speak to a person and place an order, they don’t need to worry that the order got lost somewhere in cyberspace. While ordering online is usually effective, 1 800 numbers simply give new and established customers peace of mind.  With ease of use, as well as this sense of relief, several means of contacts will help your business grow.

1 800 numbers make it easy for your customers to place orders. With the image the numbers give companies, ordering proves to be effortless and the customers feel confident about calling.

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