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75 Countries Take Up Corporate Sourcing of Renewables

RENA study shows world market for corporate sourcing of renewable electricity reached 465 terawatt hours in 2017 – enough to power a country the...

Paris-Compatible Pathway Lacking Sufficient Implementation

After a decade of rapid growth, we see a strong decrease in the growth rates of global CO2 emissions over the past years, sending...

UAE to Invest Heavily in Renewables

The United Arab Emirates has said that it intends to invest $163bn (£134bn) in projects to generate half of the nation’s power needs from...
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South Africans advocate for renewables

Under the Renewable Energy Power Producer’s Programme launched in 2011, the contribution of independent power producers (IPPs) to generation is expected to reach approximately...

IEA Predicts Global Power Growth by 2020

IEA Executive Director, Fatih Birol RENEWABLE energy is expected to represent the largest single source of electricity growth over the next five years, driven by...

Solar Energy experts to gather in Ghana for Solar & Off-Grid Renewables Conference

Solar & Off-Grid Renewables West Africa Conference The International Solar Community will gather in Accra on April 21-22 at the Solar & Off-Grid Renewables...
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Industries In Offshore Wind Power Sector To Cut Cost

Three of the biggest companies in offshore wind power industries have initiated a joint declaration here on Tuesday as part of a commitment to...

Group call for global shift from fossil fuel dependency to renewable sources

The Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (ERA/FoEN) has underscored the urgent need for a global shift from fossil fuel dependency to...

International Energy Agency predicts global medium-term rise in renewables

Electricity supply from renewable energy sources will rise 40% from 2012 to 2018 as developing countries expand capacity, according to the international Energy Agency?s...

Energy Plans Target Renewables In The Philippines

A drive to reduce electricity shortages in the Philippines will see the country set out to become the largest geothermal energy producer in the...