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The Contradictions Embedded in Ghana’s Democracy

Ghana indeed,has come a very long way:evolving from the era of 21 years of military rule where corruption and the need to get the...
unlocking Africa

Generation at Risk: unlocking Africa’s protracted youth development paradox

At the global level, the youth bulge is alarming and of great concern to all development stakeholders and Africa shares a big piece of...

The Paradox: More Intellectuals, More Poverty

?After a close and careful observation, I have come to the conclusion that the more intellectuals there are in this country, the more impoverished...

Nigerian Aviation, And Ghost Tales–A Paradox

When the soap is dirty, what shall be used in washing it Nigeria is a beautiful land; that's ?a statement of fact. We take everything...

John Mahama Is My President And Yours

COMMENTARY: Ghana?s 2012 Election Petition: the Supreme Court?s Verdict And A Voting Paradox BY: J. Atsu Amegashie On August 29, 2013, the Supreme Court of Ghana...

The Case Of Egypt A Paradox Of Democratic Tyranny

Egypt recorded hundreds of dead and wounded following the deadly street protests last week KI-K2      ANYONE who knows Egypt will be extremely sad...

Living In Riches But Poor: The Paradox Of Mining Communities

By: SAMUEL APPIAH ADJEI By an act of God, the country Ghana is blessed with so many mineral resources that are spread across the length...

The Paradox of Twenty-first Century Savagery

By Philip Amiola ? On December 31, 2012, while the world was enraptured with the prospect of ushering in the New Year, someone in Kogi state,...