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Wreckage of missing plane situated in eastern Indonesia

A search team has located the wreckage of a missing passenger plane with 54 people aboard near the city of Oksibil in Indonesia's easternmost...

Missing plane discovered hit mountain in Indonesia

Indonesian transport ministry said on Sunday that local resident have reported that they have seen the missing plane hit a mountain. "According to the...

Villagers see missing plane accident in Indonesia

Indonesia's Papua police have received reports from local residents saying they saw the missing plane with 54 people on board crashed in Oksibil, Jayapura...

Robotic sub continues search for missing plane

A robotic submarine has continued its search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight on the seabed of the southern Indian Ocean. The mini-sub was deployed...
The signal detected by Haixun 01 reportedly had the same frequency as those emitted by flight recorders

China makes significant progress on missing plane

Australian co-ordinators in the search for a missing Malaysian plane say a Chinese ship has detected a pulse signal for a second time, within...
Pinger locator

Can the Pinger locate the missing plane?

The hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 moved into a new phase on Friday with the deployment of a towed pinger locator to...
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak pays tribute to search teams

Malaysia continues search for missing plane

Malaysia will not give up on the search for missing flight MH370, its prime minister said as he visited the search hub in Perth. Prime...
Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston described the search as "very complex, very demanding"

What are lessons we can learn from missing plane?

The search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is the "most challenging" ever seen, the man responsible for co-ordinating the search from Australia says. Air...
Malaysia Airlines

Missing Plane: The Trillion Dollar Question US Intelligence Services

By Matthias Chang Let me state from the outset that I totally agree with the press statements by Malaysia?s Defence Minister and Acting Transport Minister,...
This image of one the objects spotted was taken by a journalist on board the New Zealand plane

In search of missing plane, new objects seen

Five planes have spotted "objects" in the new area of the Indian Ocean being searched for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Australian officials say. The...
A relative of Chinese passengers on board a missing Malaysia Airlines plane breaks down as she protests

Relatives of missing plane clash with police

Emotional relatives of Chinese passengers on crashed Flight MH370 scuffled with guards outside Malaysia's embassy on Tuesday and abused the ambassador, demanding answers about...
Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein: "We are in the middle of a crisis situation"

Still no trace of missing plane

Chinese satellite images that were said to show debris from a missing Malaysian airliner were released by mistake, Malaysia's transport minister says. Hishammuddin Hussein also...