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Migration by boat

African Leaders Find Solutions to Migration Crisis

African leaders, under the umbrella of the African Union (AU), have embarked on finding lasting solutions to Africa's migration and refugee crisis. African leaders, who...
European Union

Gambian president urges EU to consider domestic challenges responsible for migration crisis

Gambian President Adama Barrow called on European Union (EU) members to consider The Gambia's prevailing domestic challenges that are responsible for its migration crisis...

EU and Turkey to combat migration together after signed deal

The European Union (EU) and Turkey managed to finalize their migration deal Friday afternoon by the end of the two-day EU summit, with an...

EU and Turkey finalized deal to tackle migration

The EU and Turkey agreed on the endeavor to end the irregular migration from Turkey to the EU, so as to break the business...
European Union

EU leaders seeks more action to nib migration crisis

"Priority will continue to be given to regaining control of our external borders," said the leaders in a statement after the summit. ...

EU, Turkey Deal To Swap Syrian Refugees Is Inhumane – AI

"EU and Turkish leaders have today sunk to a new low, effectively horse-trading away the rights and dignity of some of the world's most...

Pan-European Approach is needed to manage migrant crisis

"Migration isn't a national problem, but a European one. So it requires a comprehensive pan-European solution that must be found and enforced jointly...

France and UK to sign alliance agreement on migration issues

French and British interior ministers will meet on Thursday and sign a cooperation agreement to stem immigrants flows who risked their lives to...