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Pile of smart phones

Smartphone games craze gripping Kenyans

An increasing number of Kenyans are finding it fashionable to while their time away playing games on smartphones, with the craze steadily picking up...
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It’s The Black Friday Affair for the Biggest Sale Event

With less than two weeks to the biggest annual sale event, everyone is on their marks for this year’s Black Friday. Celebrated on the...

Middle class “craze” pushes some Kenyans into debt

By Kenya's middle-class standards, Bob Otieno fits this definition well-- he has a car and lives in one of Nairobi's leafy suburbs. Like many other...

Australians Becoming More and More Addicted to skin whitening

A rise in the number of people in Australia's Asian community using skin whitening products is alarming dermatologists, local media reported Wednesday. "I use this...

A dog shows off Taiwan?s bizarre new pet-grooming trend

What a square! A dog shows off Taiwan?s bizarre new pet-grooming trend after having his fur cut in a square Some ?trendy? dog owners and...
Wall Street?s newest doomsday prediction: $5-a-gallon of gas this summer

Check This Craze For Gas and Petrol Station

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai The Building of Gas refilling stations and petrol stations close to residential areas has become popular in Accra and other towns...

This is no joke anymore

This is no joke anymore. The craze for selfies has gradually crept into our lives, thanks or no thanks to Ellen Degeneres who got...

The Crazy Urge Of Dressing Nude

Ladies are threading a dangerous path and if not checked now, soon we may be hit with the worst! See pics after the cut:...

Brace Up For The Next Popular Dance Craze ‘yiking’

YouTube Get Miley Cyrus on the phone, immediately. Cyrus, who took twerking from a fun thing some people did to something that everyone was doing and would not stop doing, told Rolling...

Football Made Better

Bubble football If you thought the game of football couldn?t get any better, think again. Introducing Bubble Football, a new almost-sport that combines the popular...

The Lust Of Materialism Must End ? Primate Adofo

Primate S.K. Adofo, Spiritual Head of the Brotherhood Church, has appealed to Christians to do away with unbridled lust for material wealth. ?The craze for...

Ghana?s Azonto Craze Takes Over Dancefloors Across The World

Azonto is an essential part of Accra?s bustling fishing communities. In Jamestown, music blaring from speakers prompts children and adults to break into step....

Bum & Hip Pads, A Perfect Way To Grab Your Dream Man

REAL OR NOT? Is the preference of huge backsides in women so prevalent among Ghanaian men that women simply have succumbed to every form...

CNN’s Inside Africa Features Nigeria’s Wedding Craze

Read some of what they said below…and then share your thoughts Weddings in Nigeria are colorful, creative and extravagant productions, with guest lists of up...

iPhone App Development Features and the Craze of Incredible Apps

The introduction of iPhone and its App store has inspired developers to accelerate production of apps which could leverage its existing features. The App...

Has Azonto Met Its Match? Meet Nigerian Dance Craze ‘Etighi’

Has Azonto Met Its Match? Meet Nigerian Dance Craze ‘Etighi’ (Video) Dance is the most vibrant part of African culture. Dance goes hand in hand...

Modern day mummies: The craze attracting celebrities pet owners keen preserving bodies

Summum mummifies pet dogs and cats and puts them into steel or bronze caskets These are the modern day mummies. Already, more than 1500 people...

The Mobile Phone Craze

Mobile phone The mobile phone craze appears to be defying all rules of decency and discipline. A young lady is crossing a busy street...