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African Union headquarters

AU Seeks Collective Standing to promote continental Integration before coordination

The African Union (AU) on Tuesday urged African countries, regional blocks and pan African institutions to exert more efforts in a collective manner towards...

Banks recapitalization needs collective efforts by stakeholders

A financial analyst and credit consultant, Emmanuel Akrong has stated that, growing Non Performing Loans (NPLs), inappropriate asset quality classification, lack of back-testing collateral...

Internet governance demands collective efforts

After Donald Trump's election, U.S. mainstream media begun to criticize Facebook for the spread of fake news, calling it to perform editorial responsibility and...
Terrorism suspect Khalid Mohammed Ali

E. African leaders vow to fight terrorism

In their communique released on Wednesday at the summit, regional leaders described what happened to Kenyan soldiers as a regional problem and not a...

UN official asks for collective efforts towards curbing migration problems

"The evidence is irrefutable. Migrants in general and in every country in Europe make greater fiscal contributions than they take in benefits," UN Special...