The National Leader of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), rtd. Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari,?said?on Thursday?that the merger process by opposition parties was unstoppable.

Buhari said this during?the CPC Board of Trustee (BOT) meeting in Abuja,?adding that it had also caught the imagination and?attention of the nation.

The leader said that the party had launched its project for repositioning and pursuing the issue of merger.

?I have requested for and you approved the formation of a CPC Merger Committee to negotiate all issues pertaining to the merger and the?holding of congresses in states run by caretaker committees, ” he said.

Buhari said that the party had adopted ?direct primaries in elections and?bio metric data card registration for party members?.

Others, he added, were the establishment of a secretariat to direct the work of the party?s legislators and empanelling of a Convention Committee.

According to him, the party has also begun the revamping of CPC propaganda machine, setting up proper accounting and auditing units and budget committee, among others.

He said?the momentum and tempo that the merger developed had overtaken the work of some other committees created during its?meeting.

He urged the merger committee, which?concluded its assignment recently, to study the provision of the new APC constitution and determine whether it had adequate checks and balances in place.

Buhari?advised the committee to consider the contents of the political association’s?manifesto, to know if they were written in a way to?facilitate the realisation of the mission of CPC.

He said the contents should also lead to the attainment of the goals the party had penciled down for the people.

Buhari urged the committee to carefully read the options proposed for the transition management structure of the proposed party and?choose which option would best?satisfy?the teeming supporters of the party.

The leader said that the conclusion on the work of the merger and convention committees would decide whether to pass the motion for the dissolution of the party (CPC).

On the?Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) before the National Assembly,?Buhari said it was up to state assemblies to decide whether to accept and pass it as required by the constitution.

?I am very pleased that a number of governors have taken interest and are making their inputs into the review of PIB.”

CPC National Chairman, Prince Tony Momoh, said?the All Progressive Change had no problem with?its acronym, APC.


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