As the popular dictum says; ?Rome was not built in a day? so it is with football and Spain has? been an explicit example of grooming talents from the academical through the clubs? then to the senior national team the La Rojas of Spain. akwasi

It took some years to rebuild to have almost all the players from both Barcelona and Real Madrid to showcase such spectrum of world class sexy and romantic football that would glue every spectator to his seat barring no additional time aside the stipulated minutes required in a normal game. This step has yielded the country and the clubs some European trophies for some years now.

Every country which participated in 2013 AFCON hosted in South Africa did not purpose to be by-standers rather to strive hard to make history as far as Africa football is concerned. If Ghana once again in the repeat of 2012 Equatorial Guinea and Gabon AFCON has lost 3-1 to the Eagles of Mali in the third and fourth place, must it call for Coach James Akwasi Appiah?s sack?

For one reason football fellows? would turn a blind eye to? Mali?s defeat? as they still have not work up from the Burkina Fasos? shocking sleeping? trauma.

Even though his predecessors more or less achieved the same, he should be maintained to continue the rebuilding of the team to attain its past glories and rightful place in the football arena.

Akwasi Appiah?s disappointments in his first Nations Cup tourney as a head coach must not serve as chewing stick in the mouth of some Ghanaians advocating and crucifying for his sack as the technical handler of the team.


Yes, the graduate Black Stars player now a coach, James Akwasi Appiah assured Ghanaians that his team comprised of some few old folks with ten new players unacquainted to Nations? Cup fiesta would break the 31 drought by winning the crown for the fifth time for mother Ghana but this must not be used as a yard stick to crucify him.

The former ex Black Stars and Kumasi Asante Kotoko captain Coach James Appiah was optimistic but lest we forget that they ways of men are not equally of God and football has a reach a spectrum where regardless of form guide surprises could spring up.

For instance, Cote d?lvoire had their fate and hope painted gloom after been booted out in the quarter final when the lost 2-1 to the Super Eagles of Nigeria who unfortunately lost to the stallion of Burkina Faso in the grand finale played at the Soccer City in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Again Ethiopia played a very attractive football before existing from the group stages, however earned the accolade the ?Barcelona of Africa?.

For the sake of the 2014 Brazil World Cup qualification that will continue next month, Coach James Akwasi Appiah should at the least be given the benefit of the doubt to build upon the new generation of stars since an immediate quest for a new coach could even make matters worse.

Ghana enjoyed a smooth ride from the group stages through to the quarter-final until they met a well united force no nonsense stallions of Burkina Faso in the semi finals and Mali in the third and fourth place whereby the stars lost 3-1 convincingly to the Malians. It appeared that Burkina Faso and Mali were too good for the Black stars in the just ended competition.

The fact Ghana lost the match to Burkina Faso due to technical bankruptcy because Kwesi Appiah lacks substitution technique as a coach, have really exposed the cracks or fragments within in the cement which needs to be either cemented or patched.


When the nation was employing him were we aware of? his caliber? Kwesi Appiah in nothing at all has added national pride as a local coach to the team. It is about we stop blaming the coaches likewise the players when management have not done their work.

In any way the FA must account for the budget they sent to the tournament and the hearts of Ghanaians at risk.

As an African, kudos to the Green Eagles of Nigeria for lifting the 29th edition of AFCON 2013 as their trophy hosted in South Africa after securing 1-0 victory over the stallions of Burkina Faso at the 90,000 capacity soccer city in Johannesburg.

In reality Coach Stephen Keshi has done well for been the second man as a player and a coach to win the AFCON title and for that matter upcoming coaches and present ones must emulate him.


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