He returned in 2015 with a competitive edition from 21 to 28 March

CordobaThe African Film Festival of Cordoba-FCAT has closed its 2014 edition, the transition to holding the event in March, with 4,506 spectators, which means an average of almost one per day. From 15 to 19 October, have screened 40 films from 21 countries, as usual, have been complemented by activities like Space School Forum Film Critics, exhibitions, film-forum, storytelling, presentations books and even fashion.

The FCAT C?rdoba has recovered this year as the Andalusian Film screening room, between Wednesday and Saturday. This collaboration will continue in the 2015 edition of Arab House and Vimcorsa screening room were the other two stable venues of the festival, who received the public until Sunday 19 in a total of 46 sessions.

The director of the FCAT, Mane Cisneros, said that the balance of the festival has been “very positive”, since it was a “hinge issue” has been shorter than usual, only five days and has not had with competitive sections or guests, as in previous years. The public, however, “has responded very well to the new format of presentation and contextualization of the films” which have led to “a retrospective of the previous ten years of the FCAT.”

Cisneros explained that “after analyzing the national and international calendar of festivals and given the difficulties involved in organizing the event to celebrate the fact in the month of October,” the organization has decided to go for a new competitive edition of 21 to March 28th. In 2015 “once again will offer a wide range of programming, professional activities, exhibitions and side events, and will be attended by directors and film professionals.”

Despite the smaller format this year, Cisneros recalled that the FCAT C?rdoba “remains one of the great European dates with African cinema” and “the main reference platform in the Spanish-speaking world for African and Middle Eastern theaters “.

The director thanked for their support and cooperation to the actress Susana Cordoba Cordoba, which currently prevails in the television series The Fresh Prince, and has participated in the opening session as host, and also as a model in the parade designs Paloma Povedano .

Cine para el Di?logo, Filmoteca de Andaluc?a
Cine para el Di?logo, Filmoteca de Andaluc?a

Parallel activities
On balance out the wide participation of students of primary and secondary school in the area, in which 1,263 students attended 17 schools between 15 and 17 October. It consisted of twelve matinee screenings that have been developed in the Andalusian Film followed by educational activities, discussion and storytelling.

The Halal Institute has collaborated once again with the African Film Festival, in this case through the Halal School. Within the College Area School has developed three Halal film club for young people aged 15 to 18 years (Cinema for Dialogue), aiming to promote intercultural understanding through film.

As a complement, actor and storyteller Zouaoui French-Algerian Kamel told The Adventures of Nasruddine to younger students also moving to different parts of the city to bring their stories to places like the Hospital Universitario Reina Sofia, the Central Library, Gardens North Road and the City of Children.

From 6 October to 19, 500 people visited the headquarters of the Arab Cordoba House to watch Malaga exposure photographer Javier Hirschfeld titled More Morena.Hirschfeld revisited in this series of photographs the work of Romero de Torres and suggests a parallel between the Senegalese daily life on the island of Gor?e and the manners of the Cordovan artist through the figure of the woman, in this case African. In the photo she has served image for this edition of the FCAT, a reinterpretation of the work The Sisters of Santa Marina (1915), the Cordovan artist is included.

On the morning of Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 took place on Forum Film Critics: African Movies on transmedia times, professional and educational meeting for interested cultural critics and journalists approach the world of the cinema of the neighboring continent. This meeting was conducted in collaboration with the Program ABOUT Development Training in the Cultural Sector of the AECID, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.

On Thursday 16, the Poppy Bar hosted the presentation the first biography in Castilian on the Nigerian multi-instrumentalist and composer, Fela Kuti, indomitable spirit.Sagrario Luna, author of the book, made an oral presentation in which he showed a profile of the musician as a compressed history, musically illustrated by Dj Floro (Sonideros-Radio 3), one of the best DJs in the country.

Cinecicleta given the opportunity to pedal cinema on Saturday 18th in the Cultural Space Rey Heredia 22, where Garagouz and Les l’a?d souliers of short films were screened. Cinecicleta activities have been carried out with the support of the Bar Bicycle and activity promoters themselves.

Finally, four nonprofit organizations participated in the program and Shared Movies, such as Amnesty International welcomes C?rdoba, Club Swimming and adapted sports Phidias and the Foundation of C?rdoba CF.

Exposici?n M?s Morena, Javier Hirschfeld
Exposici?n M?s Morena, Javier Hirschfeld

The news posted on Facebook have had a range of 18,277 impacts, the number of supporters of the festival in this network of 7,500 friends. On Twitter,FCATCordoba has 1,275 followers.

The FCAT C?rdoba 2014 had a budget of ? 35,000 and has enjoyed the sponsorship of the City of C?rdoba. This edition has been sponsored Institute of Halal and Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation AECID through the ON program, the collaboration of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports (Andalusian Film) and support the House Africa, Arab House, TV5Monde and the French Institute.


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