The Former Chairman of APGA SIR VICTOR UMEH who this afternoon were relieved of his position as APGA CHAIRMAN by Justice Ononigbo of Umuahia High Court following the expiration of his tenure which expired on the 1st Day of December 2014. Before he was relieved of his position he has succeeded and tore APGA apart so that whosoever takes over from him will find it extremely difficult to handle or revive it.


The Umuahia Judge issued a restrain order against Umeh and the implication is that Sir Victor Umeh will not submit the names of APGA delegates to INEC and by the provision of APGA constitution ,it left CHIEF EJIKE UCHE to submit the list to INEC ,and it is on record that Chief Ejike Uche is royal to Chief Maxi Okwu and it means that Sir Victor Umeh,s name and that of his allies may not make it to INEC.

Meanwhile today another APGA member of the House of Reps Chief Afam Ogene from Ogbaru joined APC as he was denied of his return ticket to the house in a power play or say compromise play between the house of Assembly and the State house .The Speaker of the house knowing that if she return to the house of assembly that she is going to be an ordinary member since the GOVERNOR is from her side which is Anambra North and the SSG is also from her side ,it is a fact that she will not be returned as speaker ,that was why she pushed the Governor to take out the ticket from Ogene and offer it to Nwaebili as a compromise.

Meanwhile we cannot forget that Sir Victor Umeh before he was restrained have abused APGA with impunity ,he scuttled all the chances of APGA retaining any political relevance in ALAIGBO, he pushed all the Senators with APGA TICKET, MEMEBERS OF HOUSE OF REPS to Join PDP or alternative party.

He pushed out the BOT CHAIRMAN and APGA leader ,thereby forcing the Governor to join him in violating the constitution by making a serving Governor to be the BOT CHAIRMAN as against the provision of the constitution that stated clearly that is not to be.
As days are counting and days are numbered ,we have to watch with our hands akimbo to see how this played out ,if the Governor will throw UMEH and his BOT EXPLOITITATIVE gesture away ,because the only reason he gave Gov obiano BOT and APGA leader is for him to use it and milk him dry.



Mazi Odera


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