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Activists of the ruling party UDPS took to the streets in several provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on Saturday as they deemed the results of the senatorial election held on Friday corrupt.

The activists who demonstrated violently in several provinces of the country, particularly in the city of Kinshasa and in the electoral stronghold of President Felix Tshisekedi in central DRC, protested against the results of the election that were in favor of the former president Joseph Kabila. In these elections, no senator was elected from the UDPS in most of the provincial assemblies of the country, including that of the city of Kinshasa.


On early Saturday, some activists headed into the building housing the parliament to attack their deputies and officials of the Common Front for Congo (FCC) led by former president Joseph Kabila, whom they accuse of bribing MPs to vote in favor of his coalition.

In Kasaï-Central province in the center of the country, several homes of UDPS deputies were also burned and looted by violent activists. In this province, no UDPS senator was elected despite the presence of senior members in the provincial parliament.

Two people including a policeman were also killed by protesters on Saturday morning. According to the results published before the assembly of 24 provinces where the senatorial elections were held on Friday, the FCC of the former president won more than 90 senator seats out of 100 seats to be filled in the chamber of the Congolese Senate, including Joseph Kabila who is a senator for life.


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