Is another war brewing in the Middle East? Is the U.S or Israel preparing for a spring or summer strike on Iran? And could Putin’s Russia enter this possible war and turn it into a huge, messy regional war?

War seems to be in the air. All you have to do is turn on your TV and not a day goes by without a debate about war with Iran. This is not a picnic. It’s deadly serious. But the real question is: has the world suddenly developed an appetite for a new war? Has the world readied its stomach for a bloody war? Is war becoming the first option rather than the last resort? Most importantly, is the world drifting from the path of wisdom and peace?

Talking about wisdom, I remember my first days in America as a young man. This was many, many years ago. I had just come from Ghana (I’m American now). In Ghana there is a saying that ?strangers have big eyes?. On this fateful day, my eyes were truly huge. It was Columbus Day and here I was at the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, New York City. The parade was spectacular. I was enchanted by the beauty of Manhattan. Almost everywhere I turned, I saw magnificent high-rise glass buildings. For the first time. But there was more to come. On the main building at Rockefeller Center, I saw the writing: ?Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times?. Again, I turned right and another writing quickly caught my eye: Isaiah Chapter 2 versus 4;??They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore?. My soul connected to these words and I felt as if I had seen the light. I was mesmerized. Being in America for the first time, with the beauty of the city and the Rockefeller center, and my spiritual connection to these ancient words of wisdom, it felt like the classic hope and glory in the eyes of a child. I stood amazed at what I saw. I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

It is true that America was built on the wings of strength. It may be true that strength won the Cold War as the Reaganites love to say. But it is also true that values, wisdom, principles and great ideals are the fundamental pillars on which America is built.

With talks of spring or summer war in the Middle East, is the world drifting from the path of wisdom, knowledge and stability and precipitating into an apocalypse of human destruction the scale of which may not be immediately imaginable? Where are the cool heads? A new war in the Middle East? Is the world moving from one war to another? Is this a return to the World War 2 era? Another cold war? It appears nations are now giving priority to the barrel of the gun, not the conference table. War is now becoming the first option, not the last resort.

War mongers and ultra-conservative hardliners are calling for war all over the place? Iran, North Korea, China and sometimes even Russia. I remember my student days in England. In England, World War 2 documentaries are shown on TV nearly every day. Sometimes, I felt some people were so obsessed with Hitler that they want to watch him every day! I remember watching one documentary called ?The Color of War?. The whole point of the documentary is that war brings unimaginable horror and suffering. It is ruthless and destructive and hardly does it produce winners.

I also remember watching Fox News and one commentator or analyst allegedly said something to the effect that if war breaks out in the Korean Peninsula, it will be finished very fast?meaning tons of hydrogen bombs will be dropped on North Korea and the war will be won quickly! Well, I don’t know in whose name those bombs will be dropped, and for what? Now, it appears some hawks want the world to see the color of war all over again, perhaps in the horrific colors of World War 2. For what? Have we reached that point?

The world can and should end generations of war and mistrust in the Middle East. Is war the only thing that can be imagined? If , God forbid, war breaks out and thousands are killed on both sides, who will benefit? And who will win?

President Obama came to power on a platform of peace. He promised America a clean break from war and a clean break from the hawkish policy of the former Bush administration. Is he now going to rule on the back of war? It appears he may be preparing to pick new fights, fights that even the hawkish Bush chose to let go.

Despite centuries of warfare and bitterness, a more peaceful world is possible for the Middle East. I believe Israel has the right to protect and defend itself. After all, the Jews are living on a tiny piece of land. Isn’t there enough land for everyone? While it is understandable for Israel to protect and defend itself, I believe Israel will benefit more than any other country if peace is achieved in the Middle East. Imagine a peaceful Middle East guaranteed by peace treaties signed by all parties. And imagine a Middle East Free Trade Union bringing together over 500 million people, similar to the European Union. In peace time, Israel will be a clear leader of this bloc because of her competitive economy, sophisticated financial system, advanced space capability, military-industrial complex edge, democracy and technological superiority. Israeli exports in the middle east will skyrocket in historic magnitude similar to the Chinese export boom. Clearly, in this scenario, Israel will be a big winner and ultimately Jews, Arabs, Muslims and peoples of all backgrounds will live in peace and prosperity.

America is better off staying on the path of wisdom and stability. Who wants to see the color of war? Everybody’s finger is on the trigger. A small mistake could spark a bloody war that will forever change the course of history. It’s time for cool heads. It’s time for peace.

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