As Africa’s Most influential Child [according to New Africa Magazine], the Worlds Most Powerful 11 year old [according to New York’s Business Insider], and a Future Leader in the making [according to Forbes Magazine], Zuriel Oduwole, has been invited by the worlds biggest Black TV Newtork – BET [Black Entertainment TV], to feature as part of its annual Black History Month events and programs, for 2015.

Zuriel Oduwole
Zuriel Oduwole

She was sighted for her global leaders relationship development ability [she has interviewed 14 Presidents & Prime Ministers, Aliko Dangote and Jesse Jackson], her child education advocacy [she has spoken to over 3900 children in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania and Mauritius on the need to stay in school], and her unique story and movie making ability [she has made 3 documentaries, the last one has showed on the big screen in 2 movie theater chains, including shows last week in Lagos at the Lekki GDC Mall in Lagos.]

It is for their special segment – “Future of Black History” Series. She released her first creative TV idea for a Pilot show last week, along with her younger siblings.


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