More potent than the power of any military in the world, and more long lasting than any human force on earth, dreams start very small, endure longer, and always affect the lives of billions of people, as history has shown.

HR My Office in 25 Years TimeWe all have the power to dream, but perhaps what makes the difference is “What Powers That Dream”. When then 11 year old Girl Zuriel Oduwole made her first Prime Time TV interview in London in May 2014, she spoke about her mission, vision, her goals in life, and gave her first Policy Speech on education – sharing three things she believed can make a difference in the lives of children globally.

Asked what she wanted to do when she grew up, she mentioned 3 immediate things, but that when she got much older – The President of the United States. She articulately gave her reasons also, why being the President of the US would allow her make more global difference, than the President of an African country. This young lady has already met and interviewed on a one-to-one basis 16 Presidents & Prime Ministers across the globe to talk about many pertinent issues, and learning a lot from these leaders. Many of these foreign leaders have told her she would become President some day, without being prompted to do so. She has also spoken to more than 23,000 children across 9 countries, about the importance of education, and the need to dream.

In September 2015, she made incredible history at the UN, initiating a meeting to make peace between the leaders of Venezuela and Guyana, two countries on the verge of military hostilities over a disputed land rich in Oil.

Zuriel believes that 25 years or so from now, this Oval office would be her place of work, sitting behind one of the worlds most recognizable desks. We do too. The difference for her, is what powers her dreams – “The Hand of the LORD, the Favor of God and the Mercy of Jesus Christ”, as she proudly indicated when asked. Question – Who or What Powers Your own Dreams ?

Source: Ellen Racketien


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