Toyota Prius Hybrid Vehicles
Toyota Recalls 1.9 Million Prius Hybrid Cars

Zimbabwe’s Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Joel Matiza has warned that about 150,000 vehicles whose owners have failed to renew their licenses for two years as of July 31 this year will be de-registered soon.

He said the de-registration will happen once a notice to that effect has been published in the Government Gazette, state media Herald newspaper reported Monday.

Once a vehicle is de-registered, technically it becomes valueless as the owner would lose valid title to it.

Zimbabwe has a vehicle population of some 1.4 million.

Many people have been driving unlicensed vehicles, usually confining them to their localities and avoiding roads with toll gates where they could be identified by roads authorities.

To re-register the car, one has to pay outstanding arrears and penalties owed, including insurance and get clearance from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority that the vehicle was legally imported into the country.

Further, the car has to be cleared by the Vehicle Theft Squad and the Vehicle Inspection Department before it can be used again. Enditem


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