Emmerson Mnangagwa
Emmerson Mnangagwa

Zimbabwe said it is ready to transform ties with Russia into enhanced economic cooperation and partnership, state madia Herald newspaper reported Wednesday.

The quest to enhance ties is in line with Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mantra that Zimbabwe is open for business and the government’s target to transform Zimbabwe into a middle income economy by 2030, Foreign Minister Sibusiso Moyo said while officiating at the Russian National Day on Tuesday.

“Zimbabwe is strongly committed to the translation of our bilateral political relations into enhanced economic cooperation and partnership,” Moyo was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

He said the recent visit by the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, which culminated in the signing of various cooperative agreements, was testimony to the increasing cooperation between the two nations.

Moyo said Zimbabwe wanted Russia to be among the first countries in the world to benefit from economic changes taking place in Zimbabwe under the leadership of Mnangagwa.

Russian ambassador tor Zimbabwe Sergey Bakharev said relations between Zimbabwe and Russia were important to Moscow’s African policy. Enditem



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