Subscribers to Zambia’s pay-to- view television channel, DStv, on Friday launched a petition to stop the company from going ahead with its decision to increase subscription fees.


Multi-Choice Zambia, a subsidiary of Africa’s biggest pay-to- view television channel, DStv, has decided to increase subscription fees effective 15 April, 2015.
But subscribers have launched a public outcry and launched a petition on social media to press the company from going ahead with its new fees.
Numerous subscribers have also taken to social media to complain over what they are describing as the company’s “exaggerated fees” and are calling for a boycott.
The subscribers have called on the company to standardize its subscription instead of basing it on the U.S. dollar which is being affected by fluctuation of the local currency.
A petition circulating online calling on the company to standardize subscription fees has surpassed over 1,000 signatures.
The subscribers have charged that the company should not use its monopoly to abuse its customers and that the poor service provided does not warrant the company to adjust its fees.
According to the petition, the company needs to find a way of preparing its books of account in the local currency and find ways to hedge against foreign exchange losses.
“There is need for them to understand the unstable environment and deal with it in a proper manner,” the petition reads in part.
The company says it will adjust its fees to 710 Zambian Kwacha from 631 Kwacha for a Premium bouquet, 413 Kwacha from 337 Kwacha for Compact plus, 248 Kwacha from 203 Kwacha 330 for Compact, 158 Kwacha from 127 Kwacha for Family and 83 Kwacha from 64 Kwacha for Access.
Multichoice Africa, the parent company of DStv, has announced price adjustments for its programs across Africa.
The Zambian currency has depreciated significantly in recent days, falling by more than two percent following concerns on President Edgar Lungu’s illness and low copper prices. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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