Oil and Gas

The Zambian government has been challenged to provide an update on ongoing oil and gas explorations by a British firm, a local think-tank said on Tuesday.

Last year, British company Tullow Oil was given a license and started exploring for oil and gas in the northern part of the country.

The company had said the exploration would take between two and 10 years.

Although the country has not yet started producing oil, the government said some samples sent to European laboratories had shown good traces of crude oil.

But the Center for Trade Policy and Development (CTPD) said there has been limited information since the British firm was engaged to start exploration works.

Natalie Kaunda, the think-tank’s lead on extractives and development, said the government needed to improve on information flow as well as consultation with stakeholders regarding the exploration.

She further said the think-tank was keen on finding out how far the government has gone with regards to the revision and development of a law that governs the oil and gas sector.

“While we do understand the complexity and nature of the explorations in terms of timings, we think that it would be wise to work around ensuring that the legislation is finalized in a timely manner so as to allow the public and all relevant stakeholders contribute towards shaping the legislation before we get in a phase where we might be talking of extraction possibilities,” she said. Enditem


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