Zambian Emeralds
Zambian Emeralds

Zambia’s emeralds and amethyst have penetrated the Ghanaian market following efforts to market the stones, a government official said on Tuesday.

The Emeralds and Semi-Precious Association of Zambia says reports of Zambian stones penetrating the Ghanaian jewelry market was good news for the industry.


Phyllis Chuma-Chilembe, Zambia’s High Commissioner to Ghana, said the Zambian stones have received positive feedback from the Ghanaian jewelry market after sustained efforts to promote the stones in that country.

The move was part of efforts to synergize the marketing of African stones, according to a release.

Victor Kalesha, president of the emeralds and precious stones body, expressed gratitude over the reports as it will help boost production.

“We have been working with our colleagues from Ghana on finding ways to partner as you know Ghana is one of the big jewelry markets in Africa,” he told Xinhua in an interview.

He said what has been established was that Zambian emeralds sold outside Africa were still finding a way back into the continent in processed form.

According to him, the acceptance of Zambian stones will go a long way in ensuring value addition and help improve the jewelry industry not only in Ghana and Zambia but Africa as a whole. Enditem


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