agricultural productivity
agricultural productivity

Zambians should take advantage of the yawning market for agriculture produce, a civic leader has said.

Chililabombwe Mayor Christabel Mulala urged investment into areas such as maize products which he said are on high demand in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to bring in foreign exchange that will result into improved economic growth.


The mayor further called on Chinese investors to consider investing in agriculture in Zambia, in parcicular in Chililabombwe for increased agriculture activities in the Zambian border town.

Mulala said the restriction of smuggling of mealie meal products, a local staple food, into DRC is meant to bring sanity in the maize marketing for goods destined for DRC.

“Small scale farmers should take advantage of the yawning market in DRC for agriculture products, especially maize produce,” she said.

Mulala was speaking in an interview with Xinhua on Monday that small scale farmers in the mining district should venture into commercial farming.

She said Chinese have the technical know-how in fostering development in agriculture which will result in growing the food basket for the country.

“Once the country is food secure, surplus food can be exported into DRC,” she said.

She said there is arable land for farming activities in Chililabombwe, which can be used for agricultural ventures by would-be Chinese investors. Enditem


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