Zambia’s Vice-President Inonge Wina said on Friday that her government will start blacklisting all contractors doing shoddy works.

The Zambia vice-president, in remarks delivered in parliament following complaints from lawmakers on the quality of works being done by some contractors, said the government has taken infrastructure development as one of its priority areas to enhance development and will not allow any shoddy works.

She said it was unfortunate that local contractors were in the forefront of doing shoddy works and failing to complete some works unlike their foreign counterparts who were doing a good job.

“This government has accelerated infrastructure development and we decided to ensure that local contractors are part of this process by ensuring that 20 percent of all construction works are given to local contractors but unfortunately the local contractors are in the forefront of doing shoddy works,” she said.

She said the government will follow up with all contractors doing shoddy works and ensure that they redo the works and that the government will ensure that they are not given further contracts.

Meanwhile, the Zambian vice-president said the country should do more to prepare itself against adverse effects brought by climate change.

While acknowledging the various efforts put in place by the government to mitigate against adverse effects of climate change, the Zambian vice-president more needed to be done to ensure that the country was resilient to the adverse effects of the change in weather phenomenon. Enditem


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