Agriculture in Africa
Agriculture in Africa

The Zambian government on Monday says it anticipates the country to record a good harvest during the 2019/2020 season.

Minister of Agriculture Katambo said the rain forecast which has shown that the country will record normal to above normal rains and the early distribution of subsidized farming inputs to stallholder farmers were good signs of good harvest.


“What is critical at this stage is for our farmers to ensure that they use good agricultural practices. Starting next week, my ministry will begin disseminating appropriate extension messages to farmers through extension officers, community radio stations, community leaders and all available media,” he told reporters during a press briefing.

Meanwhile, the government was closely monitoring maize stock levels to ensure there sufficient grain to last up to the next harvest.

The minister said the ministry was now allowing the export of maize and maize products to ensure that all available maize stocks remain within the country.

He however expressed concern over the increased levels of smuggling of maize and maize products, saying this was posing a serious threat to national food security as it has the potential of creating maize shortages and higher mealie meal prices.

According to him, an analysis conducted by the ministry has revealed that some unscrupulous traders have been taking advantage of the situation and inflating mealie meal prices in order to make abnormal profits. Enditem


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