Zambia FA have looking to indict Derek Boateng in a frivolous FIFA case

Zambia FA have looking to indict Derek Boateng in a frivolous FIFA case

By Ameenu Shardow

Kwesi Nyantakyi has told Ghanaians to disregard Zambia?s ?desperate? attempt to shift Ghana?s focus from next month?s crucial 2014 World Cup qualifier.

The Zambian FA have launched a frivolous case before FIFA over what they claim were provocative statements made by Ghana midfielder Derek Boateng after the first leg match of the World Cup qualifier played last year in Ndola.

Most Ghanaian players expressed their dissatisfaction over harsh treatment meted the team in the 1-0 loss to the Chipoliopolo in Ndola.

The Zambia FA now say they are going to pursue the matter at FIFA especially with regards to a purported provocative statement of a retaliatory act made by the Fulham midfielder.

But Ghana FA boss in bullishly insisting his Zambian counterparts have no case say it is a clear attempt to knock Ghana off-focus ahead of the crunch match on September 6 in Kumasi.

?First of all Derek Boateng is not an official of the Ghana Football Association, he does not speak for the Ghana FA,? Nyantakyi said.

?And so any utterances from him are not binding on the FA. So for him to make such comments I believe are personal comments that must be limited to him as an individual.

?He doesn?t speak for the FA, he doesn?t speak for the team, he doesn?t speak for the players. And so I don?t see any basis, legal or otherwise on which Zambia will base a claim or a case against the Football Association before FIFA.

?I think it is a baseless allegation and we should disregard it. For me, it doesn?t tickle me anyway, I am not persuaded at all by that step.

?It rather gives an impression of a team of officials who are desperate and looking for every straw to hold and have a case to make against Ghana.?

The Ghana FA boss assures his outfit, the technical team and players alike are fully focused on the upcoming game and will not allow such frivolous attempts by the opponents to force them into dropping their guard.

?We are not concerned about those peripheral comments that officials of Zambia will be making.

?Our focus is on the game and we are not going to engage them in any trading of talk or exchange of views and debating over unnecessary issues, our focus is on the game and I can assure you that is the most important thing to do and that is the decider on 6th of September in Kumasi.?

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