trucks carrying cocoa beans

The Zambian government on Monday assured truck drivers of safety while in South Africa after they threatened to abandon the South African route.

The Southern African Development Community Truck Drivers Association threatened to stop traveling to South Africa for business following the hijacking of four Zambian trucks in that country.


Stanley Muluka, the association’s president said it was unfortunate that the security situation in South Africa was still volatile for truck drivers who transport cargo to that country despite several assurances of safety by that country’s authorities.

But Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo said the drivers should not abandon the South African route as their safety concerns were being attended to by both governments.

He said South African authorities had given assurances that the trucks will travel without hindrances or threats and that the recent incident was being investigated, according to a release.

According to him, the continued bilateral relationship between the two countries will help curtail the acts of violence targeted at foreign nationals. Enditem


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