Authorities in Zambia have banned the export of Orange maize to mitigate vitamin A deficiency among Zambian children, the Zambia Daily Mail reported on Thursday.

Orange maizeMinister of Agriculture and Livestock Given Lubinda said the government will not allow the export of Orange maizerich in vitamin A because it wanted to help fight vitamin A deficiency among under-five children in the country.

The Zambian minister, who was speaking when he flagged off the production and marketing of vitamin A maize in the country, said the government was only allowing the export of white maize and that Orange maize will not be exported for the benefit of local people, especially children.

According to him, vitamin A deficiency has severe consequences in children as it leads to damage of the immune system and causes diarrhea, pneumonia and malaria.

The government, he said, will also include Orange maize seed under a farmer input support program next year to ensure that it was accessed by many farmers as a way of promoting the seed variety.
Three years ago, the Zambian government directed that sugar be fortified with vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency in Zambia stands at 53 percent. Enditem

Source: xinhua


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