Zaina Baezie
Zaina Baezie

Zaina Baezie born and bread in Northern part of Ghana and from the – Sissala Tribe of Upper West Region . I had both my primary and secondary education in Upper East Ghana after which I migrated to the Southern part .

The ability to sing started in an Arabic school at age 13. I was then the lead singer and had to be present at any singing or performing competition for my school to win. Able to write lyrics came naturally- I belief it’s God’s given talent which I am most grateful for, because anything that is natural is usually different and I write and sings in 7 languages.

Even though I had such talent and dreams of singing to tell real life stories of myself and others but there was no body to guide me on that direction. It was during this confused state of mind that, I developed an interest of following documentaries of gifted artists such as: Bob Marley, Maria Mckebah, oumou sangare of Mali , Kodjo Antwi, Angelique kidjo and finally Arika Badu. They are all very intelligent individual and artistic in their own rights but the one that interest me most is Humu Shangari and I turn to follow Her work with keen interest and see’s her as a mentor.

It is my out most dream that, one day , I become the next oumou sangare of Ghana. In view of this, I recorded my own album called Sei Wiisi. Some of my great work includes: Nunbu Nkpema, Nba e Nawinni, metuo wunyearu, Titiahi Beoyala which are all individual and outstanding tracks in my album available on Youtube and other sites. But, there ‘s still more to come.

Zaina has her Record label called world music production records limited (WMP) which was formed in April 2007 for the soul purpose of African Music Production, sound engineering and entertainment in general. It aims at producing world music, Christian Gospel music, and all forms of circular music and compilation of cds featuring the very best of new talents and freshest new materials from today most popular genres.

WMP Records is created to give up and coming independent and cutting edge artist a platform for their music. It also aim at opening the door to new talent by giving them the support on each album by establish artist and ”big names” from each genres. The label’s commitment to music will ensure that, a new generation of artist and producers have the opportunity to be heard and will ensure that, each compilations will contain only the finest quality tunes that will soon establish the product as the top source for new music in this era.
Zaina set November 5th to release a single from her album,with radio and tv tour across Ghana.


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