Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson


This is just an opinion. My opinion. You understand the way it is in the Hollywood industry where there are photographers all over the place, and they go about stalking celebrities, taking pictures of them unaware and asking them extra personal questions, and the whole paparazzi stuffs yeah? Ok.

Now in our own clime, the Ghallywood industry, you hardly get to see this kind of situation. Ever wondered why? I don?t know, but I don?t think any photographer would have time to follow just one person all around the state cos of pictures?

But there is one Ghallywood diva that I personally want to single out! Her name is Yvonne Nelson.

She appears flawless whenever she steps out for any event quite alright, i get it, but the way her pictures fly around, you?d wonder if she personally employs more than 20 cameramen just to take pictures of her to create that fabulous Hollywood paparazzi life.

Well i think i have an answer to that. Yvonne Nelson seems to know the media very well so anytime she steps out, these media men follow her and take pictures of anything she does – just to make news out of it and she gives it to them when its necessary.

I remember some days ago, a publication came online which stated that Yvonne Nelson nearly had a fight with a media man who wanted to take her pictures at the burial of Majid Michel’s mother – Yeezus spirit in her.

You can visit her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Online Blogs and other media platforms and see how her pictures are flooding everywhere her tag name is.

Who can blame her? She loves the camera and as the usual, the camera loves her too.

Check out some few pictures of her below..

Yvonne Nelson rocks so hard. And in case you dont know, she is shooting her new movie dubbed If Tomorrow Never Comes – a movie which features Becca, Ayittey Powers and more.

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

yvonne-and-ice-prince-600x450 yvonne wpid-yvonne-nelson-at-wmc-2014-3.jpg

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson



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