A well-known spiritual leader, Mallam Mahmoud Alhassan at Kasoa Buduburam has made a passionate appeal to the youth not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to cause chaos as this year?s general elections approaches.

He said since the inception of the1992 Constitution, Ghanaians had collectively guarded against all activities that had the tendency to destroy the democratic gains made and this was not the time to destroy it.

?We have had several general elections since 1992 and political power has been transferred from one democratically elected party to the other in a peaceful manner. We should continue with what we have done over the years,? Mallam Alhassan told journalists over the weekend.

He said Ghana had become a beacon of hope in Africa and the rest of the world was expecting all the political leaders in the country to maintain the peace enjoyed over the years.

?Posterity would not forgive us if we destroy ourselves during the December elections. I am appealing passionately to the youth to remain calm. They must not allow themselves to be used as instruments of violence,? the spiritual leader said.

Mallam Alhassan aka Spiritual Father said all the political parties should adopt dialogue and stop the use of abusive language which he said was further dividing the people.

?I do not think that any politician or political party that uses abusive language wants to win this election. Ghanaians are becoming discerning electorally and have matured politically so therefore they are most likely to reject such politicians.

?All that the political parties need to do is to present developmental issues that would be appealing to the electorate and it should be devoid of insults,? he said.

On the creation of the controversial 45 additional constituencies, Mallam Alhassan said it was up to the Electoral Commission (EC) to sit down with the political parties to solve all the teething issues.

He urged all religious leaders to desist from taking entrenched political positions since it had the tendency to heighten the political tension.

Mallam Alhassan tasked the security agencies to remain neutral so that the public would continue to have faith in them.

 By William Yaw Owusu

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