Nene Kanor Atiapa, Acting President of the Great Ningo Traditional Area, has said if they are denied a district status the people would not vote in the forthcoming district assembly election.

?Which assembly will these assemblymen serve when they are voted? Those we voted for had betrayed us. They did not fight for our course but rather their selfish interest,? he said.

Nene Atiapa made the declaration at a press conference organised by the Great Ningo Youth Association on Thursday at Ningo under the banner ?Stop the cheating and Tyranny on Ningo. Ningo wants her own District.?

According to the declaration, the conference was to set the records straight due to series of misinformation carried out in the media by some few members of the Prampram District Assembly about the Acting President of the Great Ningo Traditional Area, the Great Ningo Traditional Council, the Great Ningo Youth Association and the good people of Ningo.

He said: ?The people of Ningo will not serve under Prampram District Assembly today or tomorrow. We want our own district capital. We have been cheated for far too long.?

Mr Ebenezer Amanor, Chairman of the Great Ningo Youth Association in an address said since Prampram was given a district status all development have been shifted to that area to the detriment of Ningo.

He said the people of Ningo are saying that they will pay levy but not ?to the so-called Ningo/Prampram District Assembly.?

In an inspection by media men led by the youth leaders revealed that the area lacked tarred roads, places of convenience, pipe-borne water, dumping sites and sea defence wall as the sea had destroyed many house and claimed about 300 miles land. GNA


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