By: Eliasutanko

Collation for Youth Activists(KOYA) a youth group in the Ejura-Seko municipality has accused the former Municipal Chief Executive, Madam Mather Bruckner of playing a gigantic role in the defeat of the NDC party in the constituency during the 2012 general and parliamentary election.

This revelation comes in the wake of the shenanigans that has engulfed the appointment of new Municipal Chief Executive of the area.

Speaking to?, the public relations officer of the group Mr. Aboagye Peter, affectionately called P.R.O exposed that,a comprehensible painstaking research that was presented to the former MCE by the group and the party regional youth wink which saw the then parliamentary candidate losing to the opposition candidate was utterly rejected and not acted on. The group observed that madam Mather even though was the Chief Executive but was dormant and inactive in her duties because of extreme interruptions from the defeated MP, Honorable Mohammed Yusif Pangabu who was believed to have manipulated and got her appointed to that high position.
The former MCE was doing the bid of the lost Parliamentary candidate and that action to a large extent affected the party. Mr. Peter opined.

The group through its P.R.O added, the former MCE was playing an arm-chair role during her reign as the area Executive officer. He expanded that, the former MCE sat aloof and unconcern allowing the opposition NPP to make propaganda of projects that was initiated and completed by the NDC government. He said projects like as electricity, youth in Agriculture, feeder roads and others by the government was tagged as the handiworks of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) by the NPP when indeed it was the projects of the NDC better Ghana Agenda.
The group is of the view that the former MCE cannot boast of even KVIP latrine in her capacity as then MCE has initiated which to them as a clear attribute of a self centered and vacuous leader.

KOYA is however appealing to the president to be quick in appointing an MCE for the area. The group has learnt that the party lost in the constituency because of ill decisions that was taken from the executive down to the grass root level and therefore the president should not repeat the same mistake that caused the party negatively.
Mr. Aboagye believes that, any waste of time would caused the party again in 2016 as the NPP MP is already in motion putting up projects and leveling the ground for the next contest.

Ejura municipality recently has become a hot spot after some names was short listed for the position of Municipal Chief Executive. There has been much serious allegations and counter allegations leveled against party bigwigs with some suggesting that, actions and activities of party leaders are holding the MCE appointment in ransom.


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