The organization of Youth for Peace and Security (YPS) Africa has organized a one day workshop in Koforidua in the Eastern Region on building and maintaining peace and security in our communities.

The programme was a collaborative effort of the organization and the National Youth Authority (NYA), National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), NADMO and the Eastern Regional Christian Council.

The Chairman for YPS Mr Abraham Klutsey noted that the purpose of the workshop was to train and register more youth in minimizing youth engagement in any violence activity, to create a structurally designed and networked system of information flow and more community based peace building agents, which includes, doing more research and responding promptly to any situation that can lead to tribal, religious, regional, political, or national conflict.

They are also to offer quick information on any activity of a person or group of people that are likely to endanger the peace and security of any society, introduce more people into the organization so as to discourage more youths from engaging in violence activities and to transform youth rebels and terrorists.

He added that YPS Africa is a peace building organization born with the aim and mission of building and maintaining peace and security in Africa democratically by engaging the energy, talents, ideas and skills of the African youth.

He said, the organization is focusing on why a person or group of people will become terrorist or rebels, what is pushing the youth into engaging rebellion, terrorism and violence protest, why a person or group of person will take guns or cutlass against innocent people or a legitimate government.

Mr Abraham Klutsey concluded that they are willing to achieve peace and security through democratic processes.


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