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Your True Love Will Come Knocking When You Are Searching

We live in an age of lust, lies, and loneliness. True love (many people will argue against its existence) is becoming an enigma, better still as scarce as hen’s teeth. Why is this so? I found out recently and I will share this with you.

I was looking for my withdrawal booklet (needed to reactivate a dormant account) last week. I scattered my room looking for it, but didn?t find it. Guess what I found instead? My University Id Card (without which I won?t be able to collect my decree certificate).
This got me thinking. And I concluded that true love cannot be searched for. i.e like you?re looking for a job. True love is something you find when looking for something else.

Many stories abound of how people go in search for goals (education, job etc ) and found love on the way.
So, true love is scarce because people ?search? for it, instead of allowing happen in its time.
This is my new found philosophy. Do you agree?

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