The young patriots of the new Patriotic Party (NPP) accuse the Electoral Commission of Ghana police and for the allegedly illegal registrtaion Centre in the opacity of a biometric constituency Ododiodio in Accra.

Below is the Declaration of the young patriots


Acting on credible information retrieved from a source in odododiodio that an Executive ward NDC are tailors shop for illegal use biometric registration, made the young patriots contact with the police and some media houses to catch the culprits in the adjacent act the Barclays Bank on UTC in odododiodio.

The culprit Mr Bernard with his accomplices, were arrested with Allotey biometric registration forms, scan machines and equipment is used for the registration. She also had in their possession more than 500 completed forms and biometric identity cards must still be distributed.

However on the regular mysterious way in which the police handle cases related to the ‘ no go ‘ area of Nii Vandapouye Lantey, the police have since released the perpetrators who are gone and threaten Mr Akwasi Sarpong of Happy FM.

Mr Sarpong was ironically created to write a statement by the police as a complainant, in the full glare of the culprits who made him out and have since threatened to silence him forever. Mr Sarpong was just a responsible citizen of the flute by blowing but has now become a possible target of assassination. The young patriots fear for his life.

The young patriots find police action in contradiction with the attitude of the IGP, that the police will be honest and nobody in their line of duty will save if they commit crime. Odododiodio can’t continue forever an albatross on the neck of Ghana’s electoral fortunes thanks to the political ambitions of one person, and the fear of the hierarchy of the police to go with him because he works in the Office of the President as a Special Advisor.


1. How come the electoral materials and Mr Bernard Allotey by machines?

2. at what time people were enrolled and who were the agents of the various political parties?

3. How come ID cards were in their possession when registrants had to take them after registration on the spot?

4. what role did the Electoral (EC) of the Commission and Commissioner playing in cover this surgery? The EC has since then want downplay the case on the grounds that party agents agreed to such illegality.

5. Why is Mr Sarpong exposed by the police to the perpetrators of this crime?

We urgently need answers to these questions and a full scale investigation into the matter under the auspices of the IGP and the Electoral Commissioner. Any attempt to sweep this issue under the rug will be hotly contested if honesty is not exercised.

Young Patriots invites all civil society organizations, the media and individuals who condemn their voice equally condemn this cover-up Hon Kennedy border police, EC and the Government to fully investigate and prosecute offenders of this case to serve as deterrent to all parties or persons who want to circumvent the process for their interest in parochial found.


Richard Nyamah
Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus-Glover
Hopson Adorye
John Kumah



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